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Opus RSE is a technology-driven, global leader in measuring and managing real-world vehicle emissions

We shape our offer around our customers: government agencies using our services and expertise, automotive service shops and vehicle owners.

We imagine and design cleaner, more connected and better managed cities.

Our technology has been used on all five continents. We evaluate millions of vehicles every year.  Our business grows every day both in territorial scope and in new solutions.

All our businesses are associated to the remote monitoring of real-world traffic emissions.

We are proud of our contribution to the internationalization and regulation of the RSD technology. We are the only entity with ISO-17025 to measure vehicle emissions remotely and we have created an ecosystem of partners that promote our technology around the globe.

Opus Group | www.opus.global

Opus Group AB is a Swedish company, global leader in the Vehicle Inspection and Intelligent Vehicle Support. Opus provides services as well as proprietary systems worldwide. Opus Group performs +30 million vehicle inspections per year and it has around 2,600 employees worlwide. Opus turnover in 2019 was €248 Million. Opus Group is quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Mid Cap ISIN SE0001696683).

'Opus Remote Sensing' (Opus RSE) is a spanish company, part of Opus Group. Opus RSE is responsible for all developments, research and comercialization of Opus Remote Sensing technology.

Opus designs and builds safety and emission testing programs that are reliable and accurate all over the world. Our efficient inspection procedures and cloud-based data management systems apply consistent process and automation to the inspection process while reducing inspection time, human error, and the potential for improper inspections. Opus combines state-of-the-art technologies with an amazing staff.

Opus is also the leader in vehicle emission testing in the U.S., providing turnkey programs that help government agencies meet their air quality objectives.

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About the real-world traffic emissions:

The vehicles are homologated in controlled tests. Real life is hard, so emissions of vehicles are higher than during their type-approval tests. Vehicles can deteriorate, break or be manipulated. That is why vehicles' emissions must be measured in real-world conditions, in a non-intrusive and massive way.

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