Opus RSE is worldwide THE only iso-17025 accredited company to meassure real traffic emissions

The Remote Sensing Device (RSD) is able to measure each vehicle's emissions circulating under real driving conditions. It is a mobile system that can be deployed in the side of the road within minutes without disturbing the traffic.


Opus RSE has achieved major milestones critical for its future, that are helping the company to grow on a solid basis.

  • Working hand to hand with the Spanish Government creating the first National legislation in Europe to control the on road emissions by using the RSD technology.
  • Achieving that Spanish Ministry of Environment to include the RSD technology between the measures to be implemented for the air quality improvement in the “National Plan of Air Quality 2013-2016”.
  • Receiving the ISO-17025 Accreditation as the first laboratory under the international standards to carry out remote traffic emissions measurements.


City emissions characterization

The vehicles driving in a city are measured with RSDs. Emissions are classified by pollutant, vehicle type, fuel type, engine size, location area, etc.

A mobile scheme, placing the RSDs in different strees, motorways and districts makes it possible to evaluate most of city's fleet.

Police enforcement

Some drivers or fleet owners manipulate their vehicles. The RSD can find cheating-vehicles in the spot, in combination with police surprise roadside checks by the real-time identification of transgressors. The RSD sends an alert to the police of suspicious vehicles. This procedure has been demonstrated in several European countries and there is legislation to do so.

high-emitters identification

Very few vehicles pollute a lot. The RSD makes it possible to identify the dirtiest vehicles in the city, in order to act on them, creating fair and efficient policies for the citizens.

By measuring on many city streets and motorways, it is possible to find these vehicles after a certain time.

awareness actions

An information panel can be placed on the street to inform drivers of their vehicle's emission level in real-time. A website can also be created where users can access, enter their data and know the actual emissions of their car once they have been measured.

calculation of the economic and health impact of traffic emissions

We can estimate how much each vehicle group contributes to total emissions, and even its economic and health impact on the area assessed. The RSD measures empirically, so emissions data can quantify the damage.

Fuel inefficiency savings studies

A vehicle that is highly polluting is a vehicle that does not produce its internal combustion efficiently. Therefore, we can study its excess of emissions to estimate the expected fuel savings if that vehicle were corrected. This study is very useful for fleets of trucks or buses.

Many Governments and private companies have put their trust in our services shown above. We help them to identify their traffic pollution problems,  analyze the main causes and establish action plans to improve air quality.


These studies result in both air quality improvement, public health and significant economic impact benefits.

Opus RSE gives the rsd an unique and practical extra added value

We have implemented extra hardware and developed propietary software to monitor and manage the data coming from the RSD system in an easy and friendly way. This continuous research and development is providing Opus RSE with an important know-how of the technology and data processing.


Each deployed RSD unit sends the collected data in real-time to Opus RSE Data Hub. This allows us to monitor the performance of each unit and process the data incredibely fast.

Opus RSE is becoming more efficient every day, which allows us to provide a better service to our clients. Our added value, beyond measurements, is valued by customers all over Europe. 


We deliver quick and high quality service to our customers. 



Some added value for our customer:

  • Centralized, Cloud-based and secured Data Hub.
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition.
  • Smart Sign panel for awareness campaigns.
  • Remote Sensing Data Manager Platform.
  • License Plate Editor.
  • Automatic ISO Report Generator.
  • Customized and web-based reports.
  • Private data exchange area for the client.