"mahou-san miguel, number one brewery in spain, saved almost half million euros within the first year after reparing around 400 of their vehicles classified as high emitters"

  • Fuel economy. Well-maintained vehicles are proved to consume significantly less fuel than the rest
  • Very low cost per vehicle audited. Instant audit in customer facilities without causing any disruption to daily operations
  • Institutional incentives such as tax breaks for companies eco-awarded

not only economic benefits ...


  • Fleet audits. The RSD is able to identify inefficient vehicles in less than a second and without interrupting normal daily operations.
  • Fleet management based on consumption savings. Efficient and low cost-effective technology to manage emissions and energy efficiency control.

corporate social responsibility (CSR)

  • Reduction of the road traffic emissions. Environmental impact
  • Green / Eco labels. Public recognition of sustainable fleets

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