"for a city with 1.4m people, savings derived from emissions control and high emitters detection are around 45m€"

  • Low implementation cost and high efficiency
  • Generation of potential incomes. Drivers reward system based on emission levels
  • Lower fuel consumption for public buses and other public operated fleets
  • Significant savings on indirect costs such as health expenditure, street cleaning, ...

not only economic benefits ...

strategic and institutional

  • Real-emissions inventory. Creation of cost-effective mobility policies for the efficient reduction of emissions, based on experimental and accredited data as well as reduction of penalty payments
  • Position the Region / Public Administration as a pioneer of the implementation of innovative sustainable mobility policies
  • Creation of Inspection Stations. Combining the RSD with the current control systems:
    • Time required to carry out vehicle inspections will be decreased
    • Frequency required between inspections could be increased, for example, every 6 months.
  • Identifying of fraud. Vehicles which do not pass correctly the inspections or are illegally modified after inspection would be detected.
  • High Emitter Programs. Identify and get the most emitting vehicles repaired. It is proved that just reparing and/or substituting the so named High Emitters, some of the main benefits achieves are:
    • Decrease emissions of pollutants substantially, around 20% within a year
    • Significantly reduce the public expenditure
    • Save around 10% fuel after malfunctioning vehicles are repaired
  • Integration with other technologies, for example:
    • Inform drivers in real time about their emissions by means of traffic information signs, sms, etc.
    • Variable drivers reward system based on actual emissions levels: Motorway tolls, Parking fees, etc.
    • Congestion charge to city access
    • Variable speed system to reduce emissions
    • Etc.

SOCIAL and environmental

  • Pollution reduction. Better quality of life and positive impact on citizen´s health
  • Fair. Only the most emitting vehicles are targeted
  • Social Awareness. Environmental awareness campaigns through "pollution" signs.

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