h2020 nemo

Noise and Emissions MOnitoring and Radical Mitigation

Start: May 2020

End: May 2023

NEMO is a research project funded by the European Commission to create a turn-key solution through which new systems are integrated into existing infrastructure to empirically measure emissions and noise emitted by individual vehicles. The new measurement systems to be developed in the project, together with the implementation of new mitigation solutions, will form a global and scalable solution to improve air quality and reduce noise impact in European cities. By the envisaged standardization, the systems will represent an instrument for enforcement against high-emitters in Low-Emission Zones and other sensitive areas.

The 5 key building blocks


We will develop a new robust and reliable Emissions-RSD. It will be based on top-notch laser technologies.


We will develop a noise measurement system in a microphone-array format that can identify noisy irculating vehicles.


Data integration from all road sensors into a digital platform: NAUTILUS. Integration of the sensors into road infrastructure


We will create communication solutions to inform drivers, connected cars and authorities.


We will develop combined noise and emissions mitigation solution that combines multifunctional barriers with new pavements.

18 partners

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