Spanish Guardia Civil publishes its investigation of manipulated trucks thanks to the collaboration with Opus RSE

Thanks to the LIFE GySTRA project, Opus RSE has worked with the Spanish Civil Guard to find lorries manipulated on the spot and denounce them. The press release of this police force can be seen here. EUROPOL has also published these results, as the Spanish police have collaborated with authorities in France and the United Kingdom.


Many trucks travelling on European roads may be circulating with their emission control systems disconnected, which implies a massive emission of NOx into the atmosphere. The SCR system is mandatory on Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks (some Euro 4 also include it). This system neutralizes almost all nitrogen oxides emitted by heavy-duty trucks.  However, this system can be disconnected with an emulator that "tricks" the truck.


The Guardia Civil organizes operations in which the Opus Remote Sensing Device is used to remotely measure the actual emissions emitted by each truck. If a vehicle emits high amounts of NOx, a warning is instantly given to the police who stop the truck and inspect it.


The success of these operations has shown that the police finally have a tool that allows them to find manipulated vehicles on the roads on a massive scale. It is hoped that the application of this technology will make it possible to tackle fraud that is currently out of control in Europe.

AUTOBILD has published an extensive report on this project: - -

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