Smarter Urban Tolling for EU cities
16. February 2024
Spain has announced that the long-awaited Sustainable Mobility Law is back on the agenda. One of the conepts to be included is the "urban toll". Replicating cities such as Stockholm, London or Milan, Spain contemplates that cities can implement systems of variable access by payment to the city. Our Managing Director, Josefina de la Fuente, participates in this article in EL ESPAÑOL where she and three other experts analyze the concept of the Urban Toll. Josefina stresses how the remote...

The RSD increases the probability of finding an illegally tampered truck by 25x times
16. March 2023
Using The Opus RSD as a warning system increases the probability of finding an illegally tampered truck by 25x times, compared to a blind inspection.

Opus remote sensing screening vehicle emissions in Dehli, India
06. March 2023
A TRUE Initiative study of real-world vehicle emissions has begun in Delhi National Capital Region, marking the first work of the Initiative in India.

Gipuzkoa tests variable tolls based on the actual emissions of each vehicle
17. February 2023
A pilot test in the Basque Country, on February 6, tested the remote sensing of vehicle emissions in real time with the aim of establishing a system of variable tolls, which takes into account the actual level of polluting emissions of each vehicle. "This type of technology offers us the opportunity to adjust tolling fees based on the real pollution emitted by vehicles and to have fairer rates", added Aintzane Oiarbide, Deputy for Road Infrastructures of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa,...

CARES remote emission sensing campaign in Prague completed
07. October 2022
Following campaigns in Milan and Krakow, the CARES project recently completed the last city demonstration campaign in Prague, Czech Republic. Running from September 5 to September 23, the researchers used three types of contactless technologies—cross-road remote sensing, point sampling, and plume chasing—with the main objective of identifying high-emitting vehicles. The testing was carried out by the Czech Technical University of Prague, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Airyx,...

Evaluation of Real-World vehicle emissions in Warsaw
06. April 2022
A remote sensing measurement campaign was conducted by The Real Urban Emissions (TRUE) Initiative in Warsaw in Fall 2020 to provide the technical information necessary to support policies that can effectively reduce on-road transport emissions. The study presents the real-world emissions of vehicles in the city and the role imported second-hand vehicles (ISVs) play in Warsaw’s fleet emissions.

Krakow remote emission sensing measurement campaign successfully completed
17. December 2021
The challenging CARES project campaign in Krakow ended. he three-week campaign successfully measured various pollutant emissions from more than 100,000 vehicles, while collecting such data as vehicle age and euro standards to measure the impact specific vehicle groups have on the air quality in the city.

Characterization of real-world motor vehicle emissions in Vilnius
22. September 2021
In July 2021, OPUS-FIMA has assessed the actual real-world exhaust emissions of road traffic in Vilnius, Lithuania, thanks to Opus remote sensing technology. OPUS-FIMA analyzed the collected data, in order to characterize the real-world emissions of road traffic in Vilnius, presenting a very detailed picture of the fleet emissions, which can help policy makers to improve air quality in Lithuania

16. November 2020
Danish authorities publish a report showing how Opus remote sensing is an efficient solution for identifying heavy-duty trucks for subsequent roadside control by the police.

30. June 2020
Gracias al proyecto LIFE GySTRA se ha podido comprobar que existen importantes discrepancias entre las emisiones teóricas que debería tener un vehículo según su etiqueta ambiental y las emisiones que tiene en realidad. Los resultados de este proyecto pueden tener como consecuencia un cambio en la definición de etiquetas, según apuntan diversos medios.

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