Our Vision & Mission

Our vision

Creating cleaner, more sustainable and efficient cities.

Our mission

To remotely measure and control real-world traffic emissions

OPUS fervently pursues the satisfaction of our clients, with a view to improving the life of society as a whole. In this sense, we understand that alliances, collaborations and teamwork, within our company and with other entities, are essential. The challenges our society faces today must be solved with a framework of collaboration


That is why our Mission and Vision is closely aligned to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals: SDG-3, SDG-9, SDG-11 and SDG-13. We work with NGOs, reserachers and other sustainable companies to pursue these goals for the year 2030.

Opus RSE

Gaztambide, 45

28015, Madrid (Spain)


Phone: (+34) 91 559 28 68


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