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As developers of unique technology, we provide different services related to the remote measurement of real-world road traffic emissions.

We are experts in real-world traffic analysis, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Advanced Data Analytics. Opus Remote Sensing Devices are manufactured in Spain. Our headquarters in Madrid include the logistcs centre to provide equipment worldwide and the ISO-17025 laboratory.

Opus Remote Sensing Worldwide

Experience in the 5 continents. Millions of vehicles analyzed every year

Opus' Remote Sensing technology has reached all the world, becoming the most widely used and proven method of remotely measuring real-driving vehicle emissions. Our technology and services are tailored to each market, where vehicle fleets are very different and regulations and objectives in vehicle emissions control differ greatly as well.

Opus Remote Sensing in USA

State-wide remote sensing programs running since the 1990s. 150 million (remote) inspections

The use of Opus RSD is well established in the USA, as a tool to complement vehicle inspection programs. Because of that, the entity responsible of this technology in the USA is 'Opus Inspection', part of the Opus Group, a company focused on vehicle inspection worlwide.

Opus Remote Sensing in Europe

Leading innovation and regulation of remote sensing

The use of Opus technology in the Old Continent has undergone a rapid rise in recent years. More and more countries are using our technology.

The applications in Europe are very diverse. The European Commission is supporting the technology for a broader adoption and different Authorities, private companies and policy-makers are finding an opportunity with the RSD.

Europe is leading new technological and digital advances, promoted both by public and private funding.

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