Start: september 2017

end: october 2020

After the great results of the CORETRA project, the European Union decided to award Opus RSE and its consortium a LIFE project, named GySTRA. During this project, a continuous monitoring of real-world traffic emissions is carried out in Madrid. The huge amount of data collected during these years are allowing us to analyse extensively all the parameters and characteristics associated with real traffic emission levels.

We have measured the real emissions of more than 800,000 vehicles so far.

Online questionnaire:

Have we measured the emissions of your vehicle?

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Visit the LIFE GySTRA on-line questionnaire and you will find the results!

Finding manipulated trucks in Madrid:

Our system is being used by the Guardia Civil, a national police authority in Spain, to find in real time trucks that have their SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)  system tampered with. 

The RSD+ measures the emissions of each truck. If they surpass a certain limit, the police immediately pull over the truck and inspect it. Thanks to the LIFE GySTRA project, Opus RSE has collaborated with the Spanish National Police (Guardia Civil) to find in real-time manipulated trucks and denounce them on the spot. In addition to individual complaints to truck drivers who were discovered during inspections, four people face criminal charges for modifying an entire fleet of trucks. This is the first time the remote sensing technology has been used in Europe to fine and report environmental crimes. 

Informing drivers of connected vehicles:

We are also using the RSD+ to notify drivers about their vehcile's real emissions. By collaborating with MASMOVIL, the cars from its employees are enhanced with SmartCar devices connected in the OBD port. The driver collects information about its vehicle's health, fuel economy, trips, etc.


We measure these vehicles entering the company's premises. We identify the emission profile of the vehicle and send a notification to the driver's smartphone. The message may include even specific recommendations of maintenance or to check the DPF or the injection on a workshop.

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Las emisiones reales de los vehículos en función de su distintivo ambiental [spanish]
Estudio que analiza cuáles son las emisiones reales de los vehículos en Madrid en función del distintivo ambiental.
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Intelligent Transportation Systems Award 2019

The LIFE GYSTRA project has received the ITS award in the environment category during the ITS Madrid 2019 conference.


This award recognises our commitment to controlling pollution produced by vehicles in cities and recognises the successes achieved to date.

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