Opus Remote Sensing

Monitoring and control of real-world traffic emissions

Opus RSE is worldwide the only ISO-17025 accredited laboratory for the remote measurement of real-world traffic emissions


Opus technology makes it possible to remotely measure the emissions of each vehicle in its normal circulation in city roads and streets. The devices have different configurations and are designed to measure as flexibly and cost-effectively as possible in multiple road environments.


Our technology and our services have multiple applications. From analyzing the real-driving emissions emitted by the traffic circulating in a city, to the identification of the highest polluting or manipulated vehicles in their free circulation, to integrating this unique technology in intelligent, hyper-connected and sustainable cities.

Remote sensing of urban traffic has incredible applications. Discover them!

Opus began using remote sensing technology to measure traffic emissions in the 1990s. Opus RSE was created in 2013 to be 100% dedicated to the exploitation and development of this technology.

More than 60% of the company's resources are dedicated to R&D, both for its own developments and in collaboration with numerous international entities and the entire scientific community.

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