measuring real on-road emissions for every vehicle without affecting the traffic flow ...


First ISO ACCREDITED laboratory to measure real on road emissions non intrusively

real traffic emissions: proved to be higher than eu limits

"New vehicles do not result in lower emissions. the difference between their emissions and their type-approval limits is high"

Air pollutants above certain concentrations, especially particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are a serious risk to public health. Numerous studies have identified a direct relationship between poor air quality and the number of hospital admissions and premature deaths. These reports have quantified in billions of Euros the economic impact of air pollution in Europe.

From all sources of pollutant emissions, road traffic has become more relevant in the cities. Its importance grows with the population density.

In fact, road traffic may contribute with up to 80% of total pollutants in urban areas.

Therefore, controlling and reducing the emissions from motor vehicles must be a priority action on this area.

understanding exhaust emissions

"A recent report by the world health organisation highlighted that the costs of air pollution damage are equivalent to 10% of europe´s gdp"

Based on our empirical research performed over the last years, it has been proved that:

* Distribution of vehicles over the Opus RSE suggested cutpoint to the Spanish Government in 2015

  • In Europe, 10% of the vehicles contribute with around the 40% of the total on road emissions
  • The economic impact of this 10% is huge and by acting only on them, savings of millions of euros can be achieved
  • New vehicles do not mean lower emissions. More than a half of these high emitters are relatively new vehicles (From Euro 4 to Euro 6)
  • The difference between what the Euro Standards are demanding and the real vehicles emissions is increasing with time

"the only solution is to create efficient mobility policies, decrease traffic emissions and improve fuel consumption"

It is possible to efficiently reduce traffic pollution if you have the right information.


Once it was possible to measure industrial emissions, control policies were introduced and the emissions were reduced to approximately 50%. Transport emissions are defined as diffuse, however the same reduction can be achieved nowadays.


Thanks to the RSD technology, measure and control traffic emissions in a non intrusive and precise manner is real and possible.

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Opus RSE, established in 2013, is an European leader in the sector of the real time emissions monitoring and road traffic characterization, an area in which develops solutions marked by innovation and sustainability.


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Sustainable mobility is our business area and our main activity is the control and reduction of road fleets emissions.

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