Measuring trucks real emissions to improve fleet performance

Mahou San Miguel is the leading brewing company in Spain. By remotely measuring the truck's emissions, Mahou can evaluate how polluting is the fleet.


First, Mahou wanted to understand the overall emissions in its fleet. The information obtained and the execution of the project itself brought them additional benefits.


The measurements are done in different sites inside and around one of the main factories of the company.


The trucks pass by the RSD on the road, which collected emissions data as the trucks were driven in normal, everyday use, without the need for the vehicles to stop or even slow down.


This makes it possible to evaluate and quantify the polluting emissions of the fleet without interrupting the company's operations in any way.

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The RSD measures remotely the pollutants emitted in the tailpipe exhaust of each vehicle in the fleet. We can therefore quantify the emissions in CO, HC, NOx and PM of the whole fleet and assess whether certain vehicle models or suppliers' trucks can be improved. This practice allows to ensure a clean fleet, but also a fuel-efficient fleet.


After a monitoring campaign in 2017, Mahou has renewed its fleet of trucks. A new measurement campaign will be carried out at the end of 2019, which will allow the company to evaluate the improvements in polluting emissions of its fleet.


The company has found a method to identify inefficient vehicles, without interrupting its normal daily operations. The RSD does not affect the trucks in any form, so continuous monitoring of emissions is a perfect way to control the good performance of the fleet.


This practice has increased the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Mahou by reducing its on-road traffic emissions and contributed to the company winning the "European Business Award for the Environment" in Spain.


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