Smarter Urban Tolling for EU cities

Spain has announced that the long-awaited Sustainable Mobility Law is back on the agenda. One of the conepts to be included is the "urban toll". Replicating cities such as Stockholm, London or Milan, Spain contemplates that cities can implement systems of variable access by payment to the city.


Our Managing Director, Josefina de la Fuente, participates in this article in EL ESPAÑOL where she and three other experts analyze the concept of the Urban Toll.


Josefina stresses how the remote measurement of the real emissions of each vehicle is the perfect complement to implement a fairer, less aggressive and more efficient access system than other more generic policies.


OPUS RSE is working on several pilots to integrate RSD technology in toll systems. The solutions are aimed at increasing toll rates on freeways or in urban access to vehicles that have been measured with extreme emission levels, but at the same time rewarding those vehicles that have been measured with very low emission levels, giving free temporary access, applying discounts in parking lots or reducing their toll rates, thus encouraging fleet renewal and scrupulous car maintenance. 


Article: El Español

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