Smart cities

Opus and its partners deploy and integrate a wide range of interconnected technologies that enable a complete, integrated and intelligent control of urban traffic. Through RSD network deployments, combined with new machine vision cameras, IoT sensors, 5G nodes and RSU connectivity systems, Opus can turn a city into a true Smart City.

The objective

Creating an intelligent city requires the implementation of technologies that allow for the capture of actual, real-time information about the city and its moving elements (citizens and vehicles), and the integration of all captured data into digital data management and decision-making platforms.


Technologies of real value and low-cost are needed to sensor the city on a large scale. Connectivity and digitalization have to be the basis of everything else, in order to take advantage of the potential of the tecnologies and apply the decisions in real time, to inform pedestrians, drivers ad connected vehicles anytime, anywhere, in real-time.


How is it done?

We offer end-to-end solutions. We propose the creation of a sensing network (which can be used to manage urban traffic), which operates under an integral digital platform, which unifies our RSD technology and many other deployed sensors.

We use our RSD emissions sensors to report real-time emissions levels to drivers or directly to connected cars. We have secure web portals for citizens to consult the emissions of their car in real-world conditions. All the process can be integrated with traffic authority IT and be customized to each jurisdiction and objectives.

Capturing, matching, analyzing, notifying:

Some success stories

We are using our RSDs to notify drivers about their vehcile's real emissions. We have worked with he telco MASMOVIL to enhanced its employees cars with some devices that are connected into the car, converting it in a "connected car", which can receices messages from the outside and can monitor different parameters of the vehicle status, like engine's health, fuel economy, trips, etc.


We deploy the RSDs in different locations, mostly in the entrance of the company's premises, to measure the emissions of these vehicles. We identify the emission profile of the vehicle and send a notification to the driver's smartphone. The message may include even specific recommendations of maintenance, depending on the specific pollutant levels anomaly.

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