Characterization of real-world motor vehicle emissions in Vilnius

In July 2021, OPUS-FIMA has assessed the actual real-world exhaust emissions of road traffic in Vilnius, Lithuania, thanks to Opus remote sensing technology, which allows to measure remotely the real and individual emissions emitted by motor vehicles at their tailpipe. The data was collected in 11 different sites during 10 measurement days. This is the first time in Europe that a campaign to characterize real-world traffic emissions with remote sensing has been done measuring in a different site every day, which enhances the characterization. Around 55,000 samples were collected from passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, and motorcycles; far surpassing the contractual target of 25,000 measurements. OPUS-FIMA analyzed the collected data, in order to characterize the real-world emissions of road traffic in Vilnius, presenting a very detailed picture of the fleet emissions, which can help policy makers to improve air quality in Lithuania.

The first remote sensing project in Lithuania has been successfully executed. The planning and execution of all tasks have been carried out in a timely manner, data has been collected in many more locations than the minimum required and twice as much data has been obtained as requested. The results of the project shed light on the real emissions of the vehicle fleet in circulation in Vilnius, thanks to the evaluation of thousands of unique vehicles, in very different locations in the metropolitan area and in very different driving conditions, thus providing a representative picture of the real-world emissions of road transport in the city.

Example: CO average emissions of petrol cars:

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